The digitalization of ECSSMET 2021 offers a variety of advantages, among others ECSSMET 2021 is sustainable and climate-friendly.

By eliminating the need for travel, catering, print media etc., the CO2 footprint is significantly reduced and waste is avoided.


It is the first ever time that the ECSSMET conference is entirely virtual.


We are excited to launch new virtual opportunities for your organization to connect with scientists from around the globe. Through an interactive online environment, attendees can visit exhibitors to learn about their products and services and network directly to gain new insights.


The virtual ECSSMET is an ideal platform to showcase your latest products, capture new leads and give product demonstrations to an audience.


The exhibition area offers exhibitors and sponsors a platform for presenting their companies, products and services as well as to get in touch with interested guests and visitors.

First, participants will get an overview of all exhibiting partners. Gold and platinum partners are presented with their logo in the top part of the page. Platinum partners are shown larger. All exhibitors appear again in the list below with a logo and a brief description.  By clicking on the logo or the list entry, the guests access the virtual exhibition booth, where they can get in contact with the exhibitor.



The ECSSMET 2021 virtual conference offers exhibitors a range of possibilities to showcase their products, present their company profile and interact with the participants. Four packages have been designed in order to meet the needs of all exhibitors.


The Exhibitor Manual is now available! The Exhibitor Manual is your main source of information for all of your exhibiting needs.

For any questions or needs that you may have, please contact Doris Kobelt (Doris.Kobelt@dlr.de).

Why exhibit

  • You get more leads – having a virtual booth means not only a presence. A booth is the glue that holds the pre, during and post-marketing together. It puts your brand in plain view of the attendee.
  • Virtual means 24/7 – going down the virtual route means you have a long-lasting presence. Where in-person is a moment in time, virtual can be longer.
  • Virtual is less expensive – choosing to invest in a booth virtually is likely to be a less costly effort as traveling costs and expenses for equipment and its transport no longer apply. In addition the number of exhibition stand personnel can be freely selected without additional costs. So less spent and more back … .
  • Chance to connect – usually a booth will include a live chat or even live demo. Making it easy for attendees to ask questions. Plus there is something less scary about virtual than in-person.
  • Virtual means a larger audience – one of the main benefits of going virtual is reach. More people can attend, which means more virtual traffic for your booth.


Please note, this FAQ section will be updated regularly (last update: 29th January 2021). If there is something that is not covered by the manual or the FAQ, please reach out to us: Email: Doris.Kobelt@dlr.de

Q1 We would like to exhibit in the ECSSMET virtual exhibition. How do we proceed?


A1 If you are a new exhibitor and interested in our virtual exhibition, please contact Doris.Kobelt@dlr.de for more information. The exhibitor manual can be downloaded here.

If you have booked a booth for ECSSMET 2021, you will find detailed information about the virtual exhibition in the exhibitor manual and within your exhibitor account on the virtual platform.

Q2 When will the exhibitor registration open?


A2 The online exhibitor registration opens on Friday 16th October 2020, please contact Doris.Kobelt@dlr.de.

Q3 How to register as an exhibitor?


A3 The exhibitor contacts the exhibition management by email   Doris.Kobelt@dlr.de and receives a registration code for his desired exhibitor package:

  • Exhibitor books his desired package online
  • Automatic sending of invoices
  • Exhibitors will receive a limited number of admissions to the virtual ECSSMET 2021
    conference depending on the exhibitor package booked.  Exhibitors must register
    to attend the conference.

Q4 Will there only be a virtual exhibition in 2021


A4 Yes, in 2021 there will only be a virtual exhibition. If you have booked a booth for ECSSMET 2021 before July 2020, your booth booking is still automatically transferred to ECSSMET 2021, bronze package.

If you would like to make a rebooking of your exhibitor package please contact

Q5 Can you share information on the attendance of the ECSSMET 2021 online edition?


A5 All registered ECSSMET 2021 participants will have access to our virtual exhibition and online conference. The registration to the ECSSMET 2021 online edition is available online.

Q6 How does the registration process ECSSMET 2021 work?


A6 Please be informed that registration to the ECSSMET 2021 scientific programme and virtual exhibition will be open only for the conference participants, not for public. Therefore, it is limited to ECSSMET 2021 registrants. The ECSSMET 2021 scientific programme and the virtual exhibition will be available on our virtual platform.

Q7 What are the opening times of the virtual exhibition?


A7 The virtual exhibition will be accessible for visitors around the clock from 23rd March 2021, 08:00 CET until 25th March 2021, 23:55 CET


Q8 What features does the virtual ECSSMET 2021 offer?


A8 We offer four virtual exhibitor packages (bronze, silver, gold and platinum partnership). The exhibitor packages contain different possibilities of how they can present their company and products. Detailed information you will find in the exhibitor manual.

Q9 Chat Tool- During which times should our chat tool be staffed?


A9 Only the exhibitor packages gold and platin contain a chat tool.
The virtual exhibition will be accessible for participants from 23rd March, 08:00 CET until 25th March, 23:55 CET. In general, you are completely free in setting up the hours you would like your chat tool to be staffed. We would recommend having a look at our scientific programme to plan your agenda and see what times would make sense for you. The ECSSMET 2021 online conference programme is taking place between  23th – 25th March 2021. Starting and ending times as well as the breaks of each day you will find in the programme. During the times the chat tool of your virtual booth is not staffed, your visitors will still be able to leave you a note via the contact form.

Q10 When does the upload phase start?


(Exhibitors upload their content (texts, images, PDFs, videos etc.)  via the exhibitor backend)


A10 The upload phase start 8th February 2021 and ends 14th March 2021.

Exhibitors upload their content (texts, images, PDFs, videos etc.) via the upload tool in the exhibitor backend. The data can be temporarily stored during this period and updated at any time. The upload tool provides a preview function for the exhibitor in order to check the look of the booth and the position of the uploaded content. In case of change requests, that can not be edited directly in the exhibitor backend, the exhibitor can contact BESL for support. From 14th March 2021, 23.59 CET the upload tool is closed. Exhibitors can no longer upload or update data.

Q11 What happens after the upload phase (after 14th March 2021)


A11 Between 15th March and 19th March 2021 all exhibitors have the possibility for final corrections. Please make sure that all is set up correctly on your booth by 19th March 2021. Our provider will also finalize all settings and make sure that the whole navigation works smoothly for the opening of the virtual exhibition on 23rd March 2021.

Q12 Can I still make corrections to my booth after March 19th?


A12 We cannot guarantee that corrections can be implemented after March 19th. During the virtual event corrections to the live environment are not possible.

Q13 When will our booth become visible to the conference participants ECSSMET 2021?


A13 Your booth will become visible to our participants from 23rd March, 08:00 CET onwards until 25th March 2021, 23:55 CET (= the official opening and ending date & time of ECSSMET Virtual Exhibition).

Q14 How can participants find our booth?


A14 The exhibition space offers exhibitors and sponsors a platform for presenting their companies, products and services as well as to get in touch with interested guests and visitors. First, participants will get an overview of all exhibiting partners. All exhibitors appear in the exhibitor list.

Q15 What about the privacy policy for our stand visitors and statistics?


A15 You will find the privacy policy on the landigpage ECSSMET. http://www.ecssmet.com/privacy-policy/

Each registrated participant can be identified in the virtual room by first name, last name and company name. Without this visibility no participation in the virtual ECSSMET 2021 conference is possible.


Q16 How will you support us in setting up our booth in the virtual exhibition platform?


A16 Please note operating the CMS (i.e. uploading contents, pictures, documents from a conferencing tool of your choice and implementing chats) is your own responsibility. The backend of the virtual platform is easy to use to upload all data.


For all technical issues concerning the virtual platform please contact our provider BESL:
BESL Eventagentur GmbH & Co.KG
Köthener Str. 38
10963 Berlin
E-Mail: helpdesk@besl-eventagentur.de
Support Hotline: +49 30 325 999 7180

Q17 How will we be able to collect the leads of those who visit our booth?


A17 Personal data of the participants will be transferred to the exhibitor via the contact form or communicated by the participant on his own responsibility in a 1:1 video chat.

Q18 What are the minimum requirements for setting up a booth?

Q18 What are the minimum requirements for setting up a booth?

    From 16th October 2020 all information for exhibitors is also available in the new exhibiton manual.

    For further questions please contact also Doris Kobelt (Doris.Kobelt@dlr.de.)