Although we cannot meet in person in Braunschweig, we would like to offer our participant some similar amenities they could enjoy at a real-life event. Therefore, we propose the following virtual leisure activities, which are available at any time during the conference days:


A virtual guided tour through the beautiful city of Braunschweig with short insights into some of our most important museums with some typical works of art.


The guided tour is provided by the Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum. It was founded in 1891 out of civic commitment. For 130 years now, evidence of the history and culture of the Braunschweig region has been collected, preserved, researched, exhibited and communicated here. We strive to integrate topics from Braunschweig’s history into a regional, national and international context and promote the development of an open and critical awareness of history. Currently the museum’s main venue at the Burgplatz is undergoing extensive restoration and is due to reopen in 2026.


Since we know that long virtual conference days can be physically challenging, we offer a virtual fitness programme with several short video clips that participants can easily integrate in their conference routine.


Workout Wasserwelt has been offering fitness programs to its members for almost a year. Now they have designed special workout units for their participants. Whether you want to improve your endurance, maximise your strength, train coordination or simply improve your agility, Workout Wasserwelt wants to help you.


We will be offering a total of 5 additional virtual meeting rooms.


If you need a separate virtual room for a limited number of people to discuss in-depth topics, you can book such a virtual room through the ECSSMET organisation team


Booking of a virtual meeting room is possible at short-notice on each conference day between 09:00-17:00. Rooms can also be booked for evenings on each conference day.


For the booking, we need the names of the individual participants and their email addresses as well as the time of the meeting. Then we send each meeting participant an email with a link to the virtual room. This way you have a virtual room for the desired time.